Parent Reminders and Center Activities
Parent Reminders





**Please bring in warmer clothes and winter attire**



Martial Arts America



Experience karate first hand, and feel the positive energy, and confidence that comes from learning martial arts skills, respect, focus, discipline, and self defense.



Petite Productions



Petite Productions is a school of diverse teaching in dance and social graces. It offers a unique program especially formulated for pre-school boys and girls to develop body coordination and self assurance.



Soccer Shots



Introducing your child to the World's Greatest Game!

Soccer is the most popular sport for boys and girls in America today. It is an excellent source of physical activity, and healthy habits. Threw the activities and games they play, your child's character and attitude will be challenged and molded in a positive way as they are taught, teamwork, sharing, communication, and respect. Not to mention, IT'S A LOT OF FUN!


Banner's Child Care is Closed on...



New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

The day after Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


*Christmas Eve- Banners Closes at 2:00PM

*New Year's Eve- Banners Closes at 2:00PM


( If New Year's Day or Christmas day fall on a weekend, the center will be closed the closest week day to the acctual holiday (either monday or friday))


** In the unllikely event of an ice storm, blizzard, flood, power loss, state of emergency, ect. the center may need to close. Public notice of emergency closings will be broadcast on WHAM radio 1180 AM, and select television station.